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AUDIENCE REVIEW: Koresh Dance Company Home Season Preview of MUSE

Koresh Dance Company Home Season Preview of MUSE

Koresh Dance Company

Performance Date:
June 2-5, 2022

Freeform Review:

Koresh Dance RehearsaL

The creation of « Sweat Love and Tears » by Micah Geyer and Melissa Rector in duet.

I was invited to draw in rehearsals before Ronen Koresh’s opening night at the Suzanne Roberts Theater. The show is running all weekend June 2-5. The studio at 2002 Rittenhouse Square is set with extraordinary stage lights, and the silhouettes in rehearsal were an amazing chance to capture the movement, lights, and sound.

Earlier this week, the dancers were hyped for the opening. The ensemble work flowed with the soundtrack for this program. I over heard the dancers talking about some kind of rose used in this program called MUSE. It takes me back to Media Musical Theater, and the classic production of Beauty and the Beast. Or we may even think of, Meg Saligman, Philadelphia muralist, with her Mega-Scale mural that explored the muses on Broadstreet in Philadelphia. We may as well add Koresh Dance Company to this Avenue of the Arts, because they bring back the muses in light of and to reevaluate, who or what, our most prized muse may be.

Before rehearsal, I took some time on this theme, and it is a special detail of Rittenhouse Park that  street performers of all kinds come to entertain their own muses. I took this theme literally, and gave a sketch to one jazz musician playing the saxophone who left me with a familiar tune, ”If I Can’t Have You.”

On the day of rehearsal the temperature rising, and I’m sure the pressure on Koresh Dancers would be boiling prior to opening night, June 2nd, just a few days away.

The sound scape peeks with the lute and bass as the characters of the Israeli climate brings a mix of traditional instruments. It was back in 2018 with INNER SUN, that I had studied the choreography of Koresh Dance. The soul, the heat, and joy’s in dance and music show a relationship of self to others. With MUSE, I will be attending the Sunday closing performance, and I look forward to discovering the shadows and mysteries behind Koresh’s world music through the sensual dance. The program runs all weekend at Suzanne Roberts Theater, and take this preview to wonder lust, and behold the gem of Rittenhouse!




Chuck Schultz


Photo Credit:
Chuck Schultz

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