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AUDIENCE REVIEW: Neville Dance Theatre's Virtual Winter Concert

Neville Dance Theatre's Virtual Winter Concert

Neville Dance Theatre

Performance Date:
February 19, 2021

Freeform Review:

Neville Dance Theater is a contemporary ballet company based in New York. This is their winter (virtual) season comprised of five pieces. The group pieces were structured improvisation that were then edited together to create the final piece. The variation “Winter” danced by Cheyenne Fitzsimons was a re-imagining of the winter fairy from the ballet Cinderella filmed outdoors and showed of Fitzsimons’ gorgeous lines. Another solo “Heart” danced by Laura Deerman was a part of bigger project “bodies” and shows the humorous side of Brenda Neville as a choreographer.

I really appreciate that there’s an introduction by one or two dancer(s) before each piece to talk about the creative process and their emotions behind the piece. It gave me a chance to get to know the dancers and to understand the intentions behind the movement. Overall, it was a well-produced show!


Xuan Yi


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