Dance Visions NY

Dance Visions NY

Performance Date:
March 27, 2022

Freeform Review:

Dance Visions NY's "Morning Afternoon Evening", presented at the Emerging Artist's Theatre's New Work Series at TADA, is much more than the sum of its parts.  The work combines dance, theater, music, projected imagery to explore nature through movement from darkness to light.  The various elements blend seamlessly, immersing the viewer.  The dancers, choreographed and directed by Beth Jucovy, are superb, but never overshadow the strong central message.  Tzena Nicole, the actress delivering the poem created by Kyra Jucovy, which sets the narrative for the piece, also managed the balance of excellent personal performance that did not overpower the group energy.  The filmed images served as the spine, holding together the movement from darkness to light and back again.  The complex, multi-layered, deeply human work must be experienced, not just seen.  Highly recommended.


Cynthia Webb


Photo Credit:
Anthony Pepitone

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