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Milteri Tucker Concepcion/ Bombazo Dance Photo by Javier Luis

Why Audience Reviews?

Audience Reviews Engage, Invite, and Encourage Interest in DANCE by

* Encouraging potential dance writers and dance advocates
* Providing collectable feedback that can support future arts advocacy and future dance presentation
* Promoting dancers, dance companies, dance presenters
* Their ability to live "forever on the world-wide-web"  and their ability to be "shareable" across social media platforms


Audience Reviews Welcome and Nurture New perspectives by

* Opening up the critical conversation
* Inviting audiences into a NEW CONVERSATION where they can feel important and necessary
* Compelling audiences to ( with support) find a vocabulary to describe what they experience when they encounter DANCE and PERFORMANCE


To Discover More Details About Audience Reviews, Like How You Can Contribute To Them  OR  How You Can Benefit From Them - Check Out the Links Below


For Audiences

For Audiences
For More Info  and more of Sammi Lim's Cartoons Re How Audiences Can Support Dance by Sharing Audience Reviews , Click This Picture

For Artists

For Artists
For More Info and more of Sammi Lim's Cartoons Re How Artists Can Benefit From and Encourage Audience Reviews, Click This Picture

For Presenters

For Presenters
For More Info and More of Sammi Lim's Cartoons Re How Presenters Can Benefit From and Encourage Audience Reviews, Click this Picture


Audience Reviews

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